A tradition relates that in the time of Hadhrat Umar May Allah be pleased with him, a pious young man used to engage himself in divine worship, in the mosque.  Hadrat umar May Allah be pleased with himused to marvel at his worship. This youth used to set out to render service to his father, who had become very old, after Isha prayers.  On the way a woman took fancy to him and she used to entice him daily and try to excite him.  One day the young man accompanied her, and she entered her home.  When the young man came to the door of her house and made up his mind to go inside, the following verse flashed across his mind:
“Those who guard against evil, when an evil suggestion from satan assails them, they remember Allah and behold! They begin to see aright.”

At this moment the fear of Allah so overwhelmed his heart that he collapsed on the ground and fainted.  After a long while, his father set out from his house to search for him.  He found his son lying senseless, and he had him carried home.  When the youth gained consciousness, the father enquired, “Tell me truthfully what happened to you.”  The young man recited the same verse, shrieked, fell on the ground and his soul left his body.  The people washed and wrapped his body in a shroud.   The following morning somebody related this incident to Hadhrat Umar May Allah be pleased with him.  He went to the young man’s father to condole him and said, “Why didn’t you inform me of his funeral?”  The old man replied: “O Commander of the Faithful! It was the hour of the night and we did not want to cause inconvenience to you.”  Hadhrat Umar May Allah be pleased with him said, “Take me to his grave.”  On arrival at the grave along with his companions, Hadhrat Umar May Allah be pleased with him observed: “The man who fears the day when he will stand before God will be awarded two paradises.”  The young man answered twice from his grave, “O Umar! My Lord has indeed awarded me two heavens.”
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