The Curing of the Leper and the Born-Blind and Bringing the Dead Back to Life "And you heal those who were born blind and the lepers by My Leave and when you bring the dead back to life by My Leave."5/110.

"By Allah’s Leave I heal those who were born blind and the lepers and I bring the dead back to life again." 3/55.

Imam Tabari(d.310/888) has stated in his tafsir that the method of quickening the dead, by Jesus, was that he would sit by the dead and supplicate to his Lord and that his Lord would accept his supplication and the dead person would become alive.

Imam Qurtubi says by way of interpretation of these verses, that the science of medicine was seen as the ultimate achievement during the time of Jesus, thus he was given miracles of that category and parallelism, thus making them suitable for the people of that age. Although Jesus had cured people from many different sicknesses, the Quran has mentioned only two of these, because these were the miraculous ones, they were the most amazing achievements of that period.

Imam Ibn Kathir(d.774/1352) has stated in his tafsir that, Jesus was sent in the age when the science of medicine was at its peak. Thus, the prophet brought such cure and remedies which the experts of that age could not compete with. Therefore the people understood that these were indeed divine miracles, as the scientists of medicine could never bring the dead back to life or cure those who were born blind.

Imam Qurtubi has named those who were brought back to life by Jesus and the manner in which they became alive again, they were :

  1. Al-A’thir.
  2. Ibn Al-Ajooz.
  3. Bintul-A’shir.
  4. Sa’m Ibni Nuh.
Al-A’thir was a friend of Jesus who had died just a few days before when Jesus prayed on his behalf and brought him back to life. He then lived for a long a period and also had a son.

Ibn Al-Ajooz was being carried upon his deathbed, after having passed away, when Jesus saw him, prayed for him and thus brought him back to life once more. Jesus, then carried Ibn Al-Ajooz’s deathbed back to the previously deceased’s family himself, thus amazing them.

Bintul-A’shir was the third person brought back to life by Jesus. Her family was crying over her dead body, when Jesus was informed and requested to come pray for her, so as to relieve the family of their grief and agony. Therefore, Jesus came and prayed for her. She then stood up and showed her family that she was alive making her family joyful and happy.

Sa’m Ibni Nuh was brought back to the living state in the following manner. The disbelievers said to Jesus, "You can only bring back to life, those who have just recently passed away and it is possible that they were not dead, but were temporarily unconscious. Therefore, why don’t you bring back to life Sa’m Ibni Nuh, the son of Nuh , who passed away four thousand years ago?" Jesus replied, "Show me his grave." So they took Jesus to S’am’s grave and Jesus prayed to his Lord. Sa’m Ibni Nuh came out of his grave and spoke to Jesus."

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