Informing People of What They Had Eaten and Stored.

The Quran has added to the list of miracles of Jesus, that he would inform people of what they had eaten at home and what they had stored away.

"And I declare to you that what you have eaten and that which you store in your homes, surely there is a sign in it for you, if you believe." 3/55. Imam Qurtubi has narrated in explanation of this verse, that when Jesus cured the lepers and the blind and gave life back to the dead, the people demanded to see yet another miracle. They demanded, "Inform us of what we have eaten and that which we have stored in our homes for tomorrow." Jesus pointed towards each one of them individually and notified each person of what he had eaten and that which he had stored. This is Imam Qurtubis explanation, after which he referred to other incidents, related by other exegetes to this verse.

The first is Saeed Ibn Jubair(d.94/672), who has related this verse to an incident when Jesus informed the young boys, who were writers of the scriptures, of what they had eaten and what they had stored. As a result, their parents prevented their boys from sitting in the company of Jesus, as they feared Jesus’ influence upon them.

The second exegete is Qatadah(d.117/695), who has related this verse to the incident of the table (mentioned below). The full details of this incident are mentioned in the one hundred and twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth verse of the fifth Surah, named Al-Ma’idah (The Table). Concerning this incident, Qatadah said, "Jesus informed the disciples of what they had eaten from of the table sent down from heaven by Allah and also told them what they had stored away from that food of the table."

Imam Ibn Kathir has also taken the same view concerning the exsis of this incident.

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