Quranic Denial of Crucifixion

Allah says,

"They (i.e. the Jews) said, "We killed the Christ Jesus, son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah." But they neither killed him nor crucified him but it was made to appear so. Those who differ in it are full of doubt with no knowledge except conjectures to follow. They did not kill him of surety. Nay, Allah raised him up unto Himself and Allah is exalted in power, wise. And there is none of the people of the book, but must believe in him before his death and in the Day of Judgment he will be a witness against them."
Quran 4/157-159
The first issue which these verses disclose is the claim of the Jews, that they had crucified I`sa (Jesus). The Quran, in formulating a verdict against this claim, has also disclosed the falsity of the Christian claim of crucifixion. The Quran has also thrown light on the cause of their error that a delusion had occurred and it was made to appear to them as such.

While the verdict of the Quran has contradicted the Jewish theory it has also clearly indicated towards the falsity of Mirza’s claim of I`sa’s death in Kashmir, as he did not die, he was raised up to the Lord. All these views are rejected as mere conjectures.

Then in the following verse the predestined descent has been disclosed with a view of the fact that all the People of the Book will ultimately believe in Jesus before his death, and to achieve this purpose he will return to this world. It will be at that eventuality, that the hidden plan of Allah will be fully unfolded to humanity at large and it will become a settled fact that Jesus, had not been crucified, as the Christians and the Jews claim, nor did he die in Kashmir, as Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani, the false prophet claims. It will be established of a certainty at that time in the future that he (Jesus) has descended bodily had also ascended in a similar manner previously.

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