A Summary of the Quranic Verses.

Thus it is understood how amazingly these few verses release all the knots of confusion, regarding the reality of descent as well as ascent, in a concise manner. Compare this with the bewildering array of contradictory beliefs, presented in Christianity, Judaism and Qadianism. The clear message of these Quranic verses are obvious and direct in their establishment of the falsity of the Christian and Jewish doctrines, and they also imply the erroneous and incorrect claim of Isas death to have occurred in Kashmir, by Mirza. The Verses abolish all the misconceptions which were introduced by the Christians and Jews, and positively express the fact that the false beliefs were given birth to, due to the people being deluded as to the true identity of he, who was crucified. The verses establish the true, pure and pristine image of I`sas ascent to have taken place at that crucial moment.

In comparison to this, the Biblical sources have a great amount of contradiction, which will be enclosed to the honourable, truth seeking reader, in the last pages of this chapter.

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