Christianity upholds that Jesus was crucified (killed upon the cross) in order to redeem the people of their sins and to atone for the Original Sin i.e. that of Adam.

There are many holes in this theory, as the Christians believe that God sacrificed His one and only begotten son for us mere mortals.

Firstly let us consider the events which actually took place at that time, according to the different beliefs presented in this book.

The Christian Perspective :

The Christians, as mentioned, believe that Jesus, their lord, suffered untold of pain, abuse and humiliation and finally death, just so that humanity could be absolved of their sins.

The Jewish View :

The Jews, on the other hand, hold steadfast to the belief, to this day, that they rightly crucified an imposter, one who falsely claimed to be a prophet of God.

The Qadiani Concept :

In Mirza Ghulam Ahmedís interpretation of the facts, we encounter a totally bizarre theory, in that Jesus is said to have somehow escaped crucifixion and fled to Kashmir, where he died later on in life.

The Islamic Belief :

In Islam we believe that Jesus was neither crucified, nor was he an imposter and neither did he flee elsewhere. Islam gives an easily acceptable, feasible and valid account of the actual events concerning Jesus.

Jesus was raised up to the Creator, one of his disciples was, by the command of Allah (S.W.T.), given the resemblance of him and crucified in his place.

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