Analysis of the Christian, Jewish & Qadiani Doctrines.

It is a matter of utmost concern that God would sacrifice His only son to free the wrongdoers (sinners), of their burden, without the sinners having to atone for their own sins, as the Church teaches its fellow Christians.

God the Sole Creator of the Universe, in who’s hands rests the existence of life itself, good and evil. The Eternal Sustainer of all life forces, Who if He so wishes can forgive us our sins without the need to resort to such drastic measures. To inflict such severe pain upon his son : being pierced with spears so as to cause a grievious wound, to nail his hands and feet to the cross etc. is a form of torture one would not confer upon one’s enemy, yet according to the church, God inflicted such savage treatment upon His own son, as is stated in the following quote from the Bible :

" of the soldiers pierced Jesus’ side with a spear, bringing forth a sudden gush of blood and water." John 20:34.

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