An Unfeasible Fabrication to Preserve their Faith.

The fact that the one they believed to be Jesus, "the anointed one", was actually crucified, became a hard circumstance for the Christians to explain, therefore the theory of God sacrificing His only begotten son, for the redemption of every one’s sins, became a necessity to fabricate.

What is hard to accept in this explanation, apart from the entire concept itself, is the justice in making someone else atone for the sins of others. God is a Just God, as is believed by all who have faith in Him whatever their religion, surely to say that He made His only son suffer such atrocities for sins he did not commit, is to say that God is guilty of a gross injustice? Surely this renders God an insufficiently perfect deity, thus annihilating any need to worship Him and making belief and faith in Christianity and any other religion unnecessary?

Also the fact cannot be avoided that if, as Christianity would have us believe, Jesus’ death atoned for everyone’s sins, then why has sin not been destroyed? This only proves that his painful death was suffered in vain, thus rendering one of the main events of Christianity without purpose.

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