Mirza’s Declaration of I`sa’s Death in Kashmir.

Mirza was the first person throughout history to invent the claim of Masih’s burial at a specific place. The Jews claim that Jesus (the promised Messiah) has not yet set foot on earth and according to Christianity and Islam it is agreed that he was raised bodily to the skies within the different theological trend of each of these two religions.

It was another of Mirza’s many confusing and conflicting claims with regard to I`sa that he extended his list by claiming that I`sa was put on the cross, and he either escaped safely or half dead, and slow death allowed him to make path to some obscure place in Kashmir where he died later on and was buried.

How surprising will it then be that the Christians, who have been well known for preserving the locations of the grave of their pious and prominent saints for centuries and also known for great depth of research of things to its roots did not discover what this single handed laymen , Mirza Ghulam Ahmed managed to discover!

Even the Jews who claimed to crucify Jesus, because he was not the Messiah of the scriptural prediction, did not manage to trace his grave.

Abdullah ibn Salaam has stated that the burial of Jesus will be by the side of the prophet (sallalahu-alayhi-wasallam) as is written in the Torah as one of the attributes of the latter (peace be upon him).

Only a place of tranquillity, serenity and sacredness like Medina is fit for a prophet of such sublime status and exalted personality and honour! This is the Islamic assertion, that Jesus has not yet died, that he is destined to reappear, will meet a natural death, and his grave will be beside the prophet’s burial place in Medina.

There were many occasions when debates heated up the atmosphere between the prophet and the Christian monks and priests on the nature of divinity, but not once did the prophet assert that I`sa had met his natural death, as if it were a fact, it amounted to an irrefutable argument against the alleged divinity.

Mirza has no sound argument or historical evidence to support his claim. His arguments are arrogant and devoid of reason and sense . See it for yourself by reading his following remarks

" It is unjustly said about the person (Jesus) who is buried in the locality of Khanyar, Srinagar, Kashmir, that he is sitting in the heavens, Alas! How great an injustice! God in keeping to his promise has the power over everything but he can never send a person to this world the second time whose first coming caused so much harm that it ruined the world.

(Dafe Bala/Ruhani Khazain, Vol. 18 p235) When Mirza said that Masih  was lying buried in a grave in Mohalla Khan Yar, in Srinagar (Kashmir), this turned out to be Yuza Asef’s grave, but Mirza insisted that the reason for his insistence was that thereby he would ask the people to take it for granted that the ‘Cross’ had been broken.

Then he went one step further, claiming that he had killed the god of the Christians, when he said,

"In fact our purpose in life is twofold; one, to kill a prophet and second, to kill Satan".   

(Malfoozat, Vol. 10, p.60).

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