A summary of Jesusí Descent in the Quran.

There is no indication in the Holy Quran that the Jews had ever put forward to the Holy Prophet of Islam (sallallaho alaihe wasallam) any dispute about the return of Jesus Christ, as in the light of their belief Jesus has not yet set foot upon the Earth. The one they killed, they still continue to believe to be an imposter, therefore no such question concerning the return of Jesus, could arise at all.

The Christians, who believed that Jesus had been bodily lifted also believed in his future re-appearance as a corollary of faith. The result is that in the time of our Holy Prophet  the issue as to the descent of Jesus was not actually raised from any side and it was not necessary for the Holy Quran to have given a positive verdict in specific terms. It is thus patently wrong to suggest that since the word "Nuzul" (descent) does not occur in the Holy Quran it is not possible to entertain such belief. But people like Mirza, who talk like this are not preparing to put faith in "Rafaa" (ascent), and claim that I`sa died a natural death in Kashmir, although it has been mentioned repeatedly in the Holy Quran that he is to descend once more.

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