Descent in the Light of the Hadiths

Taking into consideration the fact that Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadyani has denied the descent and second coming of I`sa (alayhis sala`m), this subject will covered with thorough detail.

The status of the Hadiths on Descent

Imam Tuwayjari has stated that there are fifty five Marfu Hadiths on this subject, and most of which occupy the status of Sahih (Perfect) and the rest are Hasan (Good). Imam Suyuti has mentioned sixty five in his book, ‘The Descent of I`sa in the Last Era’ and Allahmah Muhammad Anwar Shah Kashmiri has gathered seventy five Hadiths and thirty six narrations from the Sahabas referring to the descent of I`sa  and Sheikh Abdul Fattah Abu Guddah, who has carried out valuable research work on this book has added another ten Hadiths which came to his attention during the research. There are still some Hadiths which were not included by them. Due to all these Hadiths the scholars have unanimously agreed that the Hadiths on the subject of I`sa’s  descent have reached the count of Mutawatir. Great Mufassirs such as Imam Tabri, Imam Alusi and Ibn kathir have stated in their tafsirs, when clarifying the verses indicating towards I`sa’s descent, that the Hadiths on this subject have reached tawatur and the Ummah has unanimously agreed upon this. All major books and compilations of Hadith have narrated part of these Hadiths including the six most commonly accepted and authentic books, popularly known as ‘Sihah Sittah’. Many scholars like Allamah Shawqani, Allamah Kawthari and Allamah Anwar Shah Kashmiri have written books compiling just the Hadiths on I`sa’s  descent.

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