The status of Mutawatir(The Recurrent Hadith)

The Hadiths of the prophet Muhammad  referring to the subject of Jesus’ descent, have been met with all the requirements of Mutawatir Hadiths. Muslim scholars have invested a tremendous amount of endeavor in establishing and developing an elaborate science of Hadith and a thorough system of scrutiny, examination and criticism to test the validity and authenticity of each Hadith. These regulations and principles were quite unique to the ancient world and have no parallel in the present scholarship. These rules and principles were focused on both internal, the text (MATN) and external scrutiny, which is the chain of narrator’s and transmitter’s (ISNAD).

The highest category of the Hadith, determined on internal examination and scrutiny is Sahih (Perfect and Sound), and the highest degree of Hadith, determined on the external (isnad, chain of transmitters) scrutiny is Mutawatir.

The Mutawatir also enjoys the status of Sahih because anything reported by a large number of narrator’s in each stage must meet the requirements of a sound and authentic Hadith.

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