The status of Mutawatir Hadith in authenticity

Mutawatir Hadith is decisive in its certainty and produces knowledge with certainty. Due to the overwhelming number of narrators and transmitters in all stages, the human mind reasonably fails to doubt itís veracity, authenticity and their conspiracy upon a lie, thus it will occupy the highest legal status and scriptural authority next to the Quran.

In the view of Muslim scholars any Hadith which has been transmitted by tawatur and whose reporters based their reports on direct, unambiguous, perception, unmixed with rationalization would produce knowledge with certainty.

The technical word for that knowledge applied by Mutawatir is Qat i` uth thubut(decisive in its certainty). The beliefs established by Qat i` uth thubut will become articles of Faith and its denial will lead one out of the fold of Islam. The Hadiths on the subject of Jesusí descent have been reported with all the conditions and requirements of Mutawatir, which does not allow any doubt in its highly regarded legal status and scriptural authority and authenticity. As a result the denial of the second coming of Jesus will be the denial of an essential Islamic element and article of Faith, which will stop one from remaining a Muslim.

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