The Hadiths Pertaining to I`saís Descent

Where the Quran takes one aspect of Jesusí life, his first coming, the Hadiths take up the duty to deal with the other phase of his life i.e. his second coming, in considerable detail.

The Prophet I`sa e gave glad tidings of the coming of Prophet Muhammad  so the Prophet Muhammad  in exchange, gave the tidings of his second coming.

The marvelous features of the promised Masih (Messiah) stated in the Hadiths have been enumerated and distinctly elaborated upon, with the chief object and main purpose of facilitating and providing the believers and fellow Muslims with a true criterion for discerning and recognising the Messiah whenever he comes.

The Hadiths throw light briefly upon his past life and with more details on his future role and achievements, so that no doubt remains about his identity. He will be that same I`sa of Bani Israel (Israelites).

Although Jesusí descent has been mentioned in many Hadiths, only some will be given here, in order to steer clear of a excessively lengthy composition of this book. The Hadith of Abu Hurayrah has just been mentioned earlier on. In addition to it, Imam Bukhari (d.256/834)and Imam Muslim (d.261/839) have recorded the following Hadith:

"Imam Bukhari has narrated upon the authority of Abu Hurayrahh, that the prophet Muhammed said, "By He in whose hands my soul rests, Jesus, the Son of Maryam (Mary), is to descend amongst you as a just ruler. He will break the cross, kill the pig, abolish Jizya and wealth will increase to such an extent that one prostration will be more valuable than the whole world and all that it contains." The Holy Prophet  would not have testified to the event of Jesusís descent using an oath to emphasise his point, in the above Hadith if it would not be something out of the order of nature. It follows that by the suggested re-appearance of Jesus, it certainly does not mean the ordinary birth of a human being which has nothing unusual about it requiring affirmation upon an oath.

Certain features of the future role of I`sa  have also been related in this Hadith in order to show that his will be an extra-ordinary personality, and that he is destined to play the role of a mighty, just ruler, who will destroy the power of modern Christianity, materially and spiritually.

He will annihilate the biggest emblem of that religion, the Cross. In the wake of this moral revolution will follow immense increase of benefits, so that on the whole, these features of his rule will amount to an overwhelming testimony to his being the same Jesus Christ who had been sent to Bani Israel.

This Hadith also informs one of the state of affairs which will prevail in that era. Riches will become so abundant as to render people reluctant in coveting them. Wealth will abound to such an extent that people will begin to reject it. In contrast to this, one prostration (Sajdah) to the lord, will become so precious as to render it more valuable that the entire world and all it contains

The reason for this attitude is that Iísa , will convince the people that the Day of Reckoning is nigh and that hoarding worldly possessions will be a futile action. Thus the people will realise that wealth, which will be left behind, will not aid them in their quest for a better rank in the Hereafter, but that prayer and worship no matter how less in amount, will still help in gaining them status in the gaze of Allah. Hazrat I`saís  descent will assure them of the closeness of the Day of Judgement, thus encouraging them to abstain from sinning. Secondly, Hazrat I`saís  guidance, converting vices into virtues, will tend to brighten human values of devoutness to Allah. Thus, with the world, having disgorged its fortunes, and poverty having disappeared, nobody will be left to accept alms and zakah. In this situation salaat, as a means of attaining Divine proximity, will take precedence over worship through alms and charitable deeds. Therefore, one prostration on ground will carry more value than all that the world would offer. Conversely, the situation during Mirzaís time was one of greed, so much so that vices, in all forms, were ever increasing, causing corruption of the society.

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