The Wisdom of Descent

The Quranic verses which indicate very strongly towards Jesusí descent, also throw light on the purpose of his descent.

  1. Jesusí descent will be an acknowledgement and a sign for the coming of the Hour of Judgement.
  2. Jesus will bring war to an end.
  3. Jesus will call the people to one religion ,and will succeed, as only one religion will prevail, which is Islam. He will combat all other religions until they are wiped out from the surface of this earth.
The Hadiths give Jesus the role of an annihilator of Dajjal, the latter who will be the most powerful agency for misguiding mankind, which the world has ever seen. Such a monster can only be successfully encountered by one who is gifted with such extraordinary spiritual power, which is only possessed by a prophet.

An example of Ibni-Sayya`d may be cited to elucidate the point. He had revolted against Islam in the days of our Holy Prophet and Hazrat Umar offered to go and fight him. The Holy Prophet declined the offer saying;

"If he is the same Arch-Dajjal who has been spoken of in the prophetic predictions then you will not be able to overpower him." Since even a great companion like Hazrat Umer was not considered to be a sufficient match we can easily infer that only a person possessing special spiritual power and capabilities i.e. a Prophet must be chosen for the task of ending the Arch-Dajjal, and this honour will be entrusted to the prophet I`sa(alayhis sala`m). Accordingly, we find that even on such important occasions none among believers was raised to the rank of a prophet, and a foregoing prophet had to be recalled for the said purpose, i.e. I`sa u, who will descend and fulfill this task, as the Dajjal (Anti-Christ) will melt away by the over flowing spiritual power of I`saís  breath (sallallahu ala Saayyidina I`sa).

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