Mirza’s Denial of I`sa’s Descent

Mirza Ghulam Ahmed (1839-1908) of Qadiyan, in his early life believed in the reappearance of I`sa that is why we find in his early writings, references, which support this belief and support it.

In Barahin-I-Ahmadiya, commenting on the following Quranic verse:

He is who has sent his messenger with guidance and the religion of truth, that he may make it superior to all religions, and Allah is all sufficient. (AL-FATH 48/28) Mirza says, "This verse at this stage gives us an indication of the advent of Jesus in his full glory. In other words if the people are not going to accept the soft-natured, gracious and righteous approach and they reject that the truth has become manifest through arguments, clear proofs and clear verses, then, (they should know) that truth will dawn when God will make use of harshness, heavy handedness and strength against the evil doers and Jesus will descend upon this earth in all his all conquering magnificence." (Barahin-I-Ahmadiyyah, Vol. 1. P601)

He also admitted that the predictions of I`sa’s  Second Coming were of a first degree and order, which everyone had admitted unanimously.

He says, "The manner in which the predictions have been written in the Sihah (the most authentic collection of the Hadith) no prediction is proven to be equal to it. It enjoys the highest status of tawatur. The Gospel also endorses it." (Izalah-I-Awham. Vol. 2 P400)

In a later stage of his career Mirza declared to be the promised Messiah and was therefore confronted with the need to present proof in order to validate his claim. He therefore resorted to first, denying the miraculous Second Coming of I`sa (Jesus)  by innovating the unknown history of I`sa (Jesus) fleeing to Kashmir in order to escape the punishment of crucifixion, where he lived for many years, died there and was buried there.

Mirza says,

"The belief regarding the descent of Jesus is not a part of our faith, nor is it one of the fundamentals of religion. But it is one prediction among hundreds, which has no relationship with the reality of Islam." (Izalah-I-Awham. Vol. 2 P170) In the above-mentioned quotation Mirza has denied the belief of Jesus’ descent to be an article of faith. He has also denied and refuted it to be a unanimous agreement in the following statement, "If by unanimity, the unanimity of the companions of the holy prophet  is meant, then this is an accusation on them. They had no knowledge of this new belief that Jesus will come to the world a Second time. After all, if this was their belief, then why did they shed tears (on the death of the holy prophet) and agreed with the subject matter of this Quranic verse, ‘Muhammad  is no more than a messenger (of God). Many messengers passed before him."

(Haqiqat al-Wahy, P34)

The Hadiths on I`sa’s descent have been narrated by more than thirty companions of the prophet Muhammad (sallahu alayhi wasallam). This itself is evident upon the companions’ unanimous agreement, which has been denied by Mirza and he has tried to support his claim by baseless reasoning such as why they shed tears upon the death of the prophet Muhammad (sallahu alayhi wasallam). Mirza’s denial took its full expression in his last works like the last volume of the Brahin-I-Ahmadiyyah, which was written a year before his death.

He says in this,

"In spite of such an explicit verse of the Quran, how is it possible to accept that Jesus Christ lived for 2000 years, or more, for an indefinite period, in the heavens, instead of the earth. It amounts to a nullification of the Quran." (Damimah Barahin-I-Ahmadiyyah, Vol. 5, P394)

Mirza Ghulam Ahmed used all the tools at his disposal to remove I`sa  from the scene, because he viewed Jesus as the one competing with him for the position of Messiah. His following remark is a true testimony to this, as he says,

"Now it is clear that when the Messiah has died, neither he can appear after death nor has the Quran given any news of his coming to life again." (Izalah-I-Awham P278)

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