(1) Mirza’s claim to be the Likeness of I`sa (Jesus).

Mirza says,

"When the Ummah approaches fourteen centuries after the period of the advent of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) the same calamities befell them as had befallen the Jewish people, so that a (divine) prophecy may be fulfilled, which had been made regarding them. In a similar way God, through his Absolute power and might, has raised, a replica of the Messiah to educate them about their faith. That Messiah who had been prophesized is this one (Mirza Sahib himself). Accept him if you wish." (Fath-I-Islam, P.10)

"If someone asks as to what is the peculiarity and spiritual power in which this humble servant and Jesus son of Mary resemble each other, the answer will be that this is a collective peculiarity which has been placed in our spiritual power in a special way; one end of this series goes downwards and the other end faces upwards."

(Tawdih-I-Maram, P61)
"I have been sent like the one who was sent after kalimullah (Moses), whose soul was raised up into the heavens after undergoing great difficulties during the reign of Herodotus. Thus, when the second Kalimullah, (i.e. the Holy Prophet of Islam) who was, in fact, first in order and the leader of all the Prophets, and who came to crush other Pharoanic forces, and about whom it is written in the Quran: "Verily, we have sent unto you a Messenger, as witness among you, as we sent a messenger unto Pharaoh."

(Qur’an, 73:15)

Likewise, the replica of the first Kalim, who was, in fact superior to him, was promised a replica of the Messiah. That replica was given the same power, nature and characteristics as the son of Mary was given. He was sent down in the fourteenth century, which is exactly the same span of time as was between the first Kalim and the Messiah son of Mary. This sending down is only in a spiritual sense and in the same manner in which perfect people rise up spiritually and they come down for the reformation of God’s creation."
(Fath-I-Islam, P.8)
In the last sentence of the above remark, Mirza has misinterpreted the meaning of descent, which is a physical descent, claiming that it refers to a spiritual descent.

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