(2) Descent of I`sa (Jesus) is only Metaphorical. (According to Mirza.)

Mirza has denied the apparent, vivid and clear meaning of Jesus’ descent and labelled it to be a metaphor, which refers to a metaphorical prophet, a replica of Jesus and his likeness.

Mirza says:

"There is a little difference between Muslim and Christian versions about the belief that the Messiah, son of Mary, was raised into heaven with his physical body, and that he will descend from heaven at some future time. I have written in this booklet that it is a false belief. I have also stated that the descent here does not mean the descent of the true Messiah, son of Mary. This is only metaphorical reference to a replica of the Messiah. According to the information and revelation of God, it is this humble servant. In this matter, it is very clearly stated in the Hadith of the Holy Prophet, which Imam Muhammad Ismail Bukhari has recorded in his Sahih and narrated through Abu Hurayrahh. It is as follows:

"What shall be your condition when the son of Mary will descend among you, and he will be an Imam (Leader) among you."

Who will he be? He will be an Imam among you who will have been born in your midst. The Holy prophet  has clearly stated in this Hadith that by the son of Mary you should not think that the true Messiah, son of Mary, will be descending, but this name is only metaphorically mentioned." (Tawdih-I-Maram, P51-56)

Any student of Hadith will be able to identify very easily without the need to magnify, how Mirza has misinterpreted this Hadith and distorted its meaning in order to use it as a tool of support to his claim. The correct wording of the Hadith as stated by Imam Bukhari & Imam Muslim is, "What will your condition be when I`sa (Jesus) will descend among you, and your Imam (Not he, meaning I`sa, as distorted by Mirza) will be from amongst you."

Mirza changed the wording in its translation from ‘and your Imam will be from you’ to ‘and he (i.e. I`sa) will be an Imam among you’.

The following Hadith is sufficient evidence to support this and gives a more clear picture of the situation.

Imam Muslim has narrated by the authority of Jabir bin Abdullah that the prophet (sallahu alayhi wasallam) said, "There will always be a group of people who will prevail upon the truth until the day of Judgement, then when I`sa, son of Mary will descend, their leader will say, "Come forward O I`sa!" I`sa will say, "No, some of you are leaders of others amongst you, as a token of honour for this nation." These Hadiths clearly prove that the Imam or leader mentioned, does not refer to Jesus at all, neither do they indicate that I`sa (Jesus) will be from amongst them. They rather declare Jesus to descend and appear as an outsider and not from amongst them selves.

A thorough study of the Hadiths on the subject of I`sa’s descent would reveal to the reader that the prophet  has used four different types of words, (1) Ba’th, which means ‘send’. (2) Ruju’, which means ‘return of I`sa (Jesus)’. (3) Nuzul, which means ‘descent’. (4) Khuruj, which means ‘appear’.

The second word clearly proves that this descent will be the second coming and return of a person who had arrived before, which is I`sa , Son of Mary, and no other metaphorical prophet or replica. It is a peculiar distinction of Islamic sacred scripture, and Hadith that it has avoided the usage of complicated metaphors, figurative and far fetched similes. Clarity and precision of expression are the inevitable features of this final and complete religion on Earth.

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