Chapter Nine


The holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him has given the details of the acts which shall be accomplished by I`sa after his descent, as Imam Bukhari has narrated upon the authority of Abu Hurayrahh, that the prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him said,

"By He in whose hands my soul rests, Jesus, the Son of Mary, is to descend amongst you as a just ruler. He will break the cross, kill the pig, abolish Jizya and wealth will increase to such an extent that one prostration will be more valuable than the whole world and all that it contains." A similar Hadith on this issue is: "By Him in Who’s hands my soul rests, surely Jesus, Son of Maryam (Mary) will soon descend amongst you and will judge mankind judiciously, by the law of the Quran, as an honest ruler. He will break the cross, kill the pig and abolish jizya. Money will abound in such excess that no one will wish to accept it. A single prostration to Allah, in prayer, will be better than the whole world and all it contains." Abu Hurayrah, the narrator, added, "If you wish, you can recite this verse from the holy Quran :" "And there is none of the people of the book, but must believe in him (i.e. Jesus as an apostle of Allah and a human being), before his death, and on the Day of Judgement, he will be a witness against them." Quran 4/159 This Hadith expounds upon the justice of Jesus after his descent. Imam Nawawi(d.676/1254) has explained his ruling to be according to the laws of Islam and the teachings of prophet Muhammadpeace and blessings be upon him. He will abolish Jizya, as it is a kind of payment given by the non-Muslims in lieu of safety and security. Hafiz Ibn Hajar (d.852/1430)has explained the reason behind this as follows: only Islam will be the acceptable religion at the time and thus those who do not profess the faith will not have the option of paying Jizya.

This Hadith has also mentioned that Hazrat I`sa’s most important mission after descending on the earth, will be the reformation of his people who shall consist of his antagonists, the Jews and his protagonists, the Christians.

Maulana Sheikh Yusuf Ludhyanwi has stated that in those days, Dajjal will be the leader of all the Jews. Hazrat I`sa peace and blessings be upon him will first put him to death and then make an end to the Jews. Then he will turn towards the Christians and correct them of their misguided notions which stemmed from the beliefs of trinity, crucifixion and expiation. His descent in daylight, before all eyes, this very spectacle, will dispel the deification dogma. A human among humans, his physique will refute the dogmas of trinity, divinity, the cross and atonement. With a living Masih (alayhis sallam) around and spurious beliefs negated, the Christians shall pray to Allah for forgiveness. Naturally, they will all embrace Islam and destroy all the ‘crosses’.

As most evils in society take root from pork-eating, Hazrat I`sa (alayhis sallam) will destroy swine. In this way he will uproot all destructive and harmful practices at religious and social levels. Christians, converted to Islam, will break ‘crosses’ themselves and also kill pigs and swine.

Could Mirza accomplish all this? How could he go against his swine-eating masters (the British rulers of oppression)? Does a vassal go against his lord?

The period he professed himself to be busy in breaking the cross, was an excuse made on his part for having no time to go to Haj. The fact remains that Christianity made great progress during that very period. He himself admits to this, saying,

"When slightly over half of the thirteenth century had passed, then this group of Dajjals appeared. They continued to make substantial progress until the end of this century. Then, as Padre Baker Sahib said, Christians reached up to the pitch of five lakh (five hundred thousand) in India alone. It has now been estimated that one lakh men will become Christians in the next twelve years:" (Izala-e-Awha`m p 491) The previously quoted Hadith of Sahih Bukhari has mentioned the words Yadha-ul-Harb as one great deed of Hazrat Masih u i.e.; he will put a stop to strife and war. Other Hadiths in which these words are used, profess to signify that the levy of Jizya will cease. Mirza mounts up his falsehood on the basis of this Prophetic saying and asks the Islamic Ummah to become obedient to the British Government. For this reason he declared that the holy wars waged against the British were ‘Haram’ (forbidden.). On the other hand, this Tradition merely meant to say that after the arrival of Hazrat Masih peace and blessings be upon him all sorts of contention amongst one another will disappear, whether religious or secular. There will be neither enmity nor resentment, no squabbles, no fights. In this situation, Jizya will automatically cease because religious feuds would have disappeared.

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