Distortion Of The Meaning of Breaking the Cross & Killing Dajjal

Mirza Mardud claimed to be receiving inspiration , maybe so, but not through a spiritual medium or a divine channel, but from an evil supplier, The Devil. The Devil had such an effect on him that he could not understand the crystal-clear meanings of Hadiths. One of his many distortions is as follows:

"The next sign is that when the promised Messiah comes, he will break the cross, kill the swine, kill the one-eyed Dajjal, and to instantly cause to die whichever disbeliever his breath reaches. So the actual truth of the sign, which is spiritually meant, is that the Messiah by coming to the world, will trample under his foot the splendour and glory of the Christian religion. And those who have the shamelessness of swine and the filthiness of frogs will have to face the established proofs and will be destroyed (intellectually). And those who see things with the eyes of the world, and have no religious eyes whatsoever, rather like an ugly tent (sic) sticking out. They should be convicted with the sharp edge of clear arguments and their rejecting shelves will be destroyed by him and not only such one-eyed people but every disbeliever who looks down upon the religion of the Holy Prophet , will be destroyed spiritually by the powerful breath of the Messiah’s proof and arguments. Thus, all these statements are metaphorically meant, and they have been opened (clearly revealed) to this humble servant".
(Izalalah-I-Awham, p.142)
The Prophet I`sa will rid of all evils and religions, not by disputation, as Mirza claims, but with the use of such spiritual powers that the predominant force of all evil at that time i.e. the Dajjal, will melt like candle wax just by feeling the breath of I`sa peace upon him.

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