Mirzas Distortion of this Hadith.

Because Mirza had counterfeited Masih, the need arose to make one artificial Dajjal also. This he did by means of a master idea. He announced that the group of Christian Padrees(a particular group of Priests) were the Dajjal. Qadianis believe in this but they know that Padrees have been here for centuries. They were existing even before the Prophete If they were Dajjal, wouldn’t Prophet  have said so and the fact could not be avoided of whether these Padrees matched the same description as the Prophet  had foretold about Dajjal. If by any stretch of the imagination, Padrees are Dajjals, did Mirza’s so-called Messiahship kill them? Do they not exist today? No logic is needed to disprove this. If Mirza’s Dajjal has been killed where from is this multitude of Padrees and wherefore is Christianity making progress?

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