The Wisdom of the Killing of Dajjal and not Yajuj Majuj

Since the Jews mistook the true Messiah for an imposter, they are bound and doomed to believe in the false Messiah (Dajjal) after his appearance. The Christians accepted the true Messiah, but attributed him with divinity. Thus, I`sa will reappear and slay the false Messiah of the Jews i.e. the Dajjal and disclose the grave error of the Jews who treated him as a pretender and a false Messiah. He will also disclose the error of the Christians, who attributed divinity upon him, by killing the Dajjal who claimed to be a divine being and restored life to the dead and exhibited and demonstrated his own fire of hell and paradise. Incidentally, it will be demonstrated to the Christians that one who kills a false claimant of divinity, could not himself have made an untrue claim of divinity.

Besides this, it would also be a logical consequence of the Jewish claim to have crucified I`sa, that I`sa himself will reappear and assassinate their Arch leader Dajjal, and make them taste the outcome of having promoted the false belief of his own murder. If they still do not accept the truth, then the verdict of the Quran, that Jesus was not crucified, but raised to the heavens, would be practically justified.

We also know that Jesus could bring back dead birds to life by his breath. Allah who gave him this power can also convert his breath into a deadly poison for the Dajjal. It is also the Wisdom of Allah that while a terrible monster is unable to withstand even the might of Jesusís breath on the contrary the latter is found so helpless against Agog and Magog that he has to seek refuge in Koh-I-Tur (Mount Tur), thus the world will know that one who had been falsely clothed with divinity, is the executioner of a false claimant of divinity, but that he is a mere human being. Between this display of alternating power and weakness the Might of One Allah is indubitably demonstrated.

This will be the therapy initiated by Jesus : to fix the demented minds of those who attributed divinity upon him and to fill their hearts with the belief of pure monotheism, washing out whatever sickness existed therein.

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