`Isa’s (alayhis sala`m)Burial in Madina.

Ibni Kathir has stated that I`sa’s  demise will take place in Madina, where his Janazah (Burial) Salaat will be performed. He will then be buried beside the holy prophet Muhammad .

Imam Tirmizi has narrated from Abdullah Ibn Salaam, that he said the character of the prophet Muhammed  and the fact pertaining to I`sa’s  burial beside him, was written in the Torah.

Mirza’s distortion of this Hadith.

Mirza says,

"It is unjustly said about the person (Jesus) who is buried in the locality of Khanyar, Srinagar, Kashmir, that he is sitting in the heavens, Alas! How great an injustice! God in keeping to his promise has the power over everything but he can never send a person to this world the second time whose first coming caused so much harm that it ruined the world."
(Dafe Bala/Ruhani Khazain, Vol. 18 p235)
Mirza has said that the prophet says, "The promised Masih will be buried in my grave; that is to say he (Masih) is the same as I!" (Kashti-e-Nooh p.15)

Mirza says, "Possibly there may come some one who will resemble Masih, who may be buried near the mausoleum of the prophet"

(Izala`e Awha`m p.470)
It is evident from the manner of man Mirza was, that the privilege of setting foot upon the pure soil of Madinah Munawwarah and being granted the honour of breathing in its unsullied air; being able to recall the memories of the holy prophet  and his companions, their successors, the greatest preceptors of ethical truth, philosophers, commentators, writers, statesmen and pious people of great character produced by the Muslim Ummah through out history, are all honours Mirza did not warrant. Neither was he fortunate enough to experience the serenity of Madina and absorb the sweetness of the spiritual closeness of the holy and final Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wassallam).

It is evident from the type of disgusting, revolting and obscene conceptions, Mirza’s mind was capable of producing and harbouring that such a person could never be allowed to enter the highly respected, revered and esteemed resting place of our beloved prophet Muhammad e, especially as he insulted the teachings of the prophet by claiming himself (Mirza) to be the last prophet, which is in direct conflict with what the holy and final prophet of Islam, Muhammad  taught.

I humbly pray and cry to Allah for the great gift of death in Madina Munawwarah (wassalato wassalamo ala Munawwiriha) as a Shaheed and burial in Jannatul Baqee with both my Sheikhs, Hazrat Sheikh Al-Imam Muhammad Zakariya and Al-Imam Muhammad Yusuf Motala, for my self and my family. Ameen Ya Rabbal A`lameen.

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