If we cast a glance over the relevant Hadiths reported on this subject, we will find the following information which is very important as far as the second coming of Jesus is concerned:

The Quran and the Sunnah, both refer to a definite person and not the birth of someone who would claim to be the replica of that person. Any reasonable person who goes through this material will find that there is no scope for the existence of any metaphorical or figurative interpretation of these details. The Companions of the Holy Prophet and their followers, the commentators of the Qur’an and the Hadith, Muslim theologians and religious savants all unanimously understood these scriptural texts to be something definite and certain about the second coming of Jesus. But unfortunately, Mirza Ghulam Ahmed of Qadian tried to create doubts and misunderstandings about this article of Muslim faith and was able to carve out a group of his own followers, who believe in all the absurd and conflicting statements made by him from time to time. His writings on this subject, as on many others are so confusing and conflicting that even his staunch followers are unable to present a consistent picture of his claims. His interpretations, or rather misinterpretations, of the details mentioned in the Hadiths are so inconsistent that one is simply amazed at how his followers can digest them all simultaneously!

The following points can be concluded from the Hadiths:

1 He is the same Jesus son of Mary, who was sent to The Children of Israel as a Messenger Of God along with the Injeel, some two thousand years ago.

2 He is the same personage who was miraculously born without a father and whose mother was Mary, daughter of Imran.

3 He and his mother were born in Palestine. His mother was an extraordinary lady given a high spiritual status by God.

4 Jesus miraculously spoke whilst in the lap of his mother.

5 He is a middle-statured man with a beautiful reddish white complexion.

6 He has shiny black hair.

7 He resembles in his appearance Urwah Ibn Masud, a companion of the holy Prophet (peace be upon him).

8 He used to perform extraordinary miracles, such as, giving life to the dead, curing the blind and the leper and breathing upon the clay models, so that they became live flying birds.

9 The Jews of Palestine failed in their efforts to execute or crucify him as he was raised by Allah to Himself.

10 Upon returning to this world, he will be wearing two yellow garments.

11 His main function will be the elimination of Dajjal.

12 He will come down upon the white minaret towards the east of Damascus, Syria, at the time of Fajr Prayer.

13 He will kill the Dajjal near the gate of the city of Lydda.

14 The incumbent Muslim leader will ask him to lead the prayer which he will decline and tell him to continue to lead the congregation in prayer.

15 After coming again to this world he will live for forty years.

16 He will marry and will have children.

17 He will abolish the cross and eliminate Christianity.

18 He will abolish the Jews and all other religious traditions except Islam.

19 With the disappearance of all non Islamic religious beliefs he will have no need to continue the Jihad or take the Jizya.

20 His era will witness an unprecedented abundance of wealth so much so that no one on the surface of the earth will be liable to accept charity.

21 He will perform pilgrimage to Makkah and will pass by the place known as Fajj al-Rawah.

22 All mutual hatred, jealousy and grudge will disappear.

23 Peace, prosperity and security will prevail so much so that camels will not fear lions, cows will not fear tigers and sheep will not fear wolves.

24 The Dajjal will be an adversary of Jesus and will be killed by him.

25 The Dajjal is a definite person who has specific characteristics.

26 After passing away, Jesus will be buried near the Holy Prophet .

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