Jesus the Obedient One

"Jesus said, "He has made me obedient to my mother and He has not made me arrogant and unblessed." 19/32.

Jesus' Mission
"And remember Iísa, son of Mary when he said, "O children of Israel! I am the messenger of Allah, sent to you, confirming the law which came before me and giving glad tidings of a prophet to come after me whose name will be Ahmed. But when he came to them with vivid signs, they said, "This is apparent magic." 61/6.

"Verily, I am a worshipper of Allah. He has given me the Book and made me a Prophet. He has made me blessed wherever I may be and enjoined upon me prayer and zakat as long as I live and made me obedient to my mother and He has not made me arrogant and unblessed." 19/28-32.

"Allah will appoint him a messenger to the people of Israel with His message "I have come to you with a sign from your Lord." 3/49.

"I have come to you to attest the Torah, which was before me, and make lawful to you part of that which was forbidden to you, with a sign from your Lord, so fear Allah and obey me." 3/50.

"Masih said, "Oh children of Israel! Worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord. Whosoever joins other gods with Allah, Allah will forbid him the garden and the fire of hell will be his abode. There will be no one to help the wrongdoers." 5/72

"There is none of the people of the book, but must believe in him before his death and on the day of judgement he will be a witness against them." 4/159

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