The Prophets’ bond with one another

All prophets are intensely respectful towards one another in order to set an example for their followers to hold the other prophets in great esteem, and exhort their associates to admire, revere and venerate other prophets. It is not in any manner tolerable or admissible for a prophet or a truthful believer to be disrespectful towards any prophet or offend the honour and dignity of an apostle. One such respectful bond is referred to below.

The prophet Muhammed’s Peace and blessings upon him relationship to I`sa blessings upon him

Imam Bukhari(d.256/834)and Imam Muslim(d.261/839)have narrated that the prophet said,

"Both in this world and in the hereafter, I am the nearest of all the people to Jesus, the son of Maryam. The prophets are paternal brothers, their mothers are different but their religion is one." Abu Hurayrah t reported Allah’s messenger as saying,

"I am akin to the son of Mary among the whole of mankind and the prophets are of different mothers, but of one religion, and no prophet was raised between me and him."

These Hadith informs us that all the prophets of God are sent to perform one sacred mission, and therefore, they all form one fraternity and brotherhood in faith. The difference, if any, is not in the fundamentals of faith, but in the offshoots which in religious terminology is called Shari`ah.

Hazrat Anas t has stated that the prophet Muhammad Peace and blessings upon him has said:

"Whosoever amongst you is able to meet Jesus son of Mary, should convey my salutations to him without fail." Abu Hurayrah t reports that the holy prophet e said,

"All the prophets of Allah are like sons of the same father whose mothers are different. I am nearest unto Jesus Christ. There is no prophet between me and him. Remember, he will certainly descend and you should recognize him as soon as you see him for he will be of a medium stature, his color will be red and white. The hair of his head will be straight and it will appear as if water is about to flow therefrom although there will be no moisture in it."

The similarities between Muhammad and I`sa Peace and blessings upon him

There are some striking similarities between the prophets Muhammad and I`sa, son of Mary. Some of these similarities are also found in the Quran. Some of which are listed below:

  1. The prophet Muhammad e saved the first generation of this nation (Ummah) from the evils of infidelity and ignorance whilst the prophet I`sa will descend as a savior for the last generation of this Ummah, from the evils of Dajjal and his striking force. The prophet Muhammad has said,



    "How can this Ummah perish when I am at the beginning and Jesus son of Mary at the end?"

  3. Both Jesus and Muhammad Peace and blessings upon him were deprived of fatherly love and care. The birth of Jesus was miraculous in the sense that he was born without a father, whereas the father of the holy prophet had died before he came into this world. So both of them grew up under divine care from the very outset of their lives.



  5. Both Jesus and Muhammad Peace and blessings upon him were such prophets who were given holy books by Allah. The Quran says about Jesus :



    "He said : I am indeed a servant of Allah. He has given me the book and made me the prophet." (19:30)

    About Muhammad Peace and blessings upon himthe same thing has been said :

    "Praise be to Allah, who revealed the book to His servant and allowed not there any crookedness."(18:1)

  7. Jesus was supported by Ruh-ul-Qudus (Gabriel), as the Quran says :



    "And We vouched unto Jesus, the son of Mary, all evidence of the truth, and strengthened him with Ruh-ul-Qudus" (2.87).

    So was the case with the holy prophet Muhammad (salalahu alayhi wasalaam), as the Quran says :

    "So Allah sent down His tranquillity upon him and strengthened him with hosts which you saw not." (9:40)

    "Say: Ruh-ul-Qudus has revealed it from thy Lord with truth, that it may establish those who believe, and as a guidance and good news for those who submit." (16:102)

  9. The most important point of resemblance between Jesus and Muhammad is that in both of them the predominant quality is that of mercy and peace.
6. The burial place of both the prophets is in Madinah.

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