Comparative Analysis.

This is the image and picture of all prophets, as well as I`sa,  as given in Islam. In comparison, no other religion holds the prophet I`sa  and the rest of the prophets in such high esteem. Even though Christianity has gone as far as to deify I`sa,  it still does not confer all the attributes mentioned above, upon him. In fact according to the Gospels, Jesus has shown a very unprophet-like (let alone god-like) attitude upon many occasions, as will become obvious to the reader upon making progress in this book.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmed(d,1839-1908) of Qadiyan has gone to such extremes as to insult all the prophets, especially the prophet I`sa and has then claimed himself to be one of them.

Out of the previously mentioned qualities and virtues not even one single quality could be microscopically traced in the personality of Mirza, allowing him the license to claim prophethood. The quality of the prophets were too far out of reach for him, as he did not even possess the discipline of a normal person.

This will hopefully give the reader a clear picture of the high standards occupied by all prophets and the prophet I`sa as well. Mirza fell to a level well below the mark of humanity which made him unfit to claim prophethood, or even bear any resemblance or likeness to a prophet.

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