The nineteenth century was unique in the sense that it witnessed a widespread stirring amongst Muslims. In India, during the first quarter, Sayyad Ahmed Shaheed (died 1831 AD) declared Jihad against the tyrant British rule. The response to this declaration was tremendous and full of spirit and a self-sacrificial atmosphere prevailed.

The British masters were disturbed, shaken and rattled, they realized the coming threat and gathered together to draw up a solution. After deep study of the character, attitude, belief and temperament of the Muslims, they came to the result that the solution of this increasing problem is to make use of their religious susceptibilities, as this was the only way to reach the innermost recesses of their hearts, as the Muslims were inclined to religion.

The British government resolved to raise up a person of religious recognition and position from among the Muslims who should gather a large amount of people around him on religious and spiritual bases and then impart on them loyalty and oblige them with allegiance so that they could freeze them from being a dangerous threat to the British Government. The Government found Mirza Ghulam Ahmed suitable for the mission of crime and deception as he was a victim of frustration and was mentally upset and strived to be a founder of a faith, in order to have followers and devotees.

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