The Prophets’ Noble Code Of Conversation

All prophets of Allah are of a Noble personality and character in nature, appearance and deportment. Their approach is always full of warmth, compassion, affection, intense love, care and concern. They are entrusted with the responsibilities of calling to guidance and enjoining good and to annihilate evil. In order to complete this mission they are equipped with sufficient tools of humble character , which would be taken as examples, and a polite mode of conversation and discourse, which would attract people towards them and encourage them to follow their righteous teachings. They speak with wisdom, eloquence and clarity, supporting the truth and preaching towards success and salvation in all cases and circumstances.

They are not amongst those who raise their voices in the markets. They do not fall into futile arguments and debates. They do not utter without any aim or purpose. They have never lied nor bragged nor boasted, their speech has always been noble, wise, truthful, accurate, comprehensive and informative.

All Prophets are pure from derogatory attitudes of insult, or of falsely accusing or slandering any individual, or abusing a person and making hurtful remarks. The Quran has commanded the prophet Muhammad (sallahu alayhi wasallam) to invite people in a most polite and respectful manner :

"Invite to your Lord’s way with discretion and kind instruction, and discuss with them in the politest manner." (Quran 16:125)

The prophet Muhammad  was a great living example of this injunction. Despite many serious accusations made by his contemporaries he never retaliated by saying anything obscene in any way. The prophet Muhammad  was so kind and polite when indulging in communication that he never used foul language, not even concerning idol worshippers or their false deities. He was an example like all other prophets, including I`sa . A prophet would never insult a normal person, therefore it would be impossible for him to insult a prophet. A prophet is easily recognized through his manner of conversing and communicating.

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