Mirzas claim of superiority over all prophets

The prophets do not allow people to compare them with other prophets in a manner which would belittle another prophet. The prophet Muhammad denied the companions from comparing him with the prophet Yunus  saying,

"Do not give me virtue over the prophet Yunus Ibn Matta."

(Bukhari: 55. The Book of the Stories of the Prophets, Chapter 11)
We find Mirza opposing the general characteristics of the prophets in holding one another in extreme honour and dignity. This proves his claims of prophethood to be false and he is not at all fit to be the promised Messiah.

Mirza, claiming to be the most superior of the prophets, says in his book ‘Mirza Ka Ilham Tazkira’ :

"Several thrones descended from the sky but your throne was placed highest of all."

He says in his book ‘Malfoozat (His words)’,

"The various consummate excellence that was found in other prophets were all present in a larger measure in Hazrat Rasool-e- Kareem and all that excellence was bestowed upon us, by way of reflection, from Hazrat Rasool-e-Kareem and for this very reason our name is Adam, Ibrahim, Moosa, Nooh, Dawood, Yusuf, Suleman, Yahya, I`sa etc. All the earlier prophets were reflections of Nabi-e-Kareem in some particular attributes and we are now a reflection of Nabi-e-Kareem in all those attributes."

Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud says :

"Ghulam Ahmed has excelled some of the divine Apostles" (Haqiqat-uu-Nubuwwat p257)

It is stated in the Qadianis mouthpiece, Daily Al-Fazal,

"He was greater than many prophets maybe all of them."

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