Mirza’s Insult of the Prophets

Mirza always thinks himself to be exempt from the basic rules of respect which need to be adhered to by all. He has articulated seriously insulting, disrespectful and offending statements towards the prophets, especially I`sa (alay himus salaam), which will be disclosed to the honorable reader in later stages of this Book. It will hopefully be clear and apparent from Mirza’s vicious condemnation of I`sa  and from his attempt to gain evidence from the Quran, in order to support himself, that such a person cannot be a prophet nor a believer.

Such filthy and abusive statements, would not even permit Mirza to be called a gentlemen, thus depriving him of the ability to be a prophet, as Allah chooses only the men of great character and attitude to serve the responsibilities of prophethood and not those who are lacking in the ordinary qualities of human rectitude and integrity. Such people like Mirza with such an attitude can only be chosen by the master of Evil himself, the Devil. Only he can inspire him, as the devil descends on every lying sinner. The inspiration from Allah does not come to a man who tells lies, indulges in slander and does not lead a clean life.

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