I`sa Compared with Yahya (John) (alayhima`s sala`m) by Mirza

We will mention just a few examples to illustrate Mirza’s relentless mission to belittle I`sa  . To achieve this sad objective Mirza, as a matter of fact utilized diverse tricks, such as his attempts to run down I`sa  by comparing him with other prophets. As an example, Mirza has written the following :

"I`sa, peace be upon him, repented for his sins at the hands of John the Baptist and became one of his select disciples. This decides the excellence of John the Baptist over I`sa,  because it is not proven that John the Baptist ever repented at the hands of anyone."

(Dafi’-bala, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 18, p. 220.)
"The righteousness of I`sa in his time does not prove to be above that of the righteous ones. In fact the prophet John the Baptist is superior to him, because he did not consume alcohol, nor is it ever heard about him that any prostitutes massaged his head with perfume purchased from her earnings, or touched his body with her hands and with her hair, or that any unrelated women served him. This is the very reason why God named John the Baptist as ‘circumspect’ (Quran 3:39). But he did not give the Messiah this name because such (inglorious) episodes were obstacles to giving him such a name." (Dafi’al-bala:Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 18, p. 220.) In the above statement, the "promised Messiah" of the Qadianis has clearly and openly expressed his belief, namely that the reasons why Allah did not find I`sa  worthy of being called ‘Hasoor’ i.e. circumspect were :
    1. The Messiah was addicted to alcohol.
    2. The prostitute massaged his feet with perfume bought with the earnings of adultery.
    3. The prostitute touched the Messiah’s body with her hands and hair.
    4. An unrelated young woman served him.
In the above words of Mirza, the Messiah was involved in these sins, and therefore was not named Circumspect (a person who could control his sexual desire). The evil designs of Mirza against I`sa become obvious from the fact that none of the exalted prophets, e.g., Adam, Nuh, Ibrahim, I`saac, Ismail, Suleman, Daud, Musa, I`sa, Muhammad (sallallahu alayhim) have been called Circumspect. What sins (God forbid) were an obstacle to their being named Circumspect? By pointing out I`sa, Mirza’s aim was to demonstrate his own superiority over I`sa .

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