The Claims of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani

The pedantry rose step by step. It was intertwined with the claims Mirza Ghulam made successively. Starting from his assumed pose of a Muslim theologian, he first proclaimed himself a 'Mujaddid' (renovator of Islam), then a 'Muhaddath' (holder of conversation with Allah) then a 'Mulham' (receiver of divine inspiration). All this was up to the year 1884. Then he proclaimed himself a 'Maseel-e-Masih' (likeness of Jesus).

After seven years as 'Maseel-e-Masih', he gave up this pose and in 1891, from a 'likeness' of Masih, he increased his status to being an 'embodiment' of Masih. He took on this shape in the form of the 'Promised Masih/Messiah' and declared that he was that living Masih whose reappearance in the world had been promised. Therefrom he spelled his theology in the death of Jesus. In order to do so, he dug into ancient history. His anthropological expertise informed him that Jesus successfully duped the posse of Roman soldiery that guarded 'the cross' and his grave and ran away incognito from the execution site to Kashmir in India and died there.

Mirza had also spotted his grave in the city of Srinagar. As against all this, the Holy Quran and Holy Hadith have informed us that Hazrat I`sa (Jesus), peace be upon him, was never put on 'the cross', but was bodily lifted into the skies and will come down into the world again, near the time of resurrection and shall slay "Dajjal" (the anti-Christ).

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