The Innovation of the Original-Sin Doctrine

Although Christianity emphasizes original sin, this principle cannot be traced back to any prophet. No prophet preached it. All prophets emphasized the individuals responsibility for his own words and deeds, as Godís message is the same in its basics with all the prophets. This was a fact innovated by the church to complete the imagined story. They imparted the crucifixion of Jesus. Therefore, they needed a reason to justify that crucifixion, so they devised the theory of crucifixion for the salvation of humanity. A problem then arose, i.e. salvation from what? So, another innovation was needed to answer the question, and the need was fulfilled by finding shelter under the cover of original-sin to justify the supposed crucifixion of Jesus.

To conclude, this doctrine of original-sin is without any rational or Biblical basis, and it is a strange belief amongst many other later devised additions fabricated after Jesus left this world. Jesus taught that salvation lies in good deeds and faith, but the church states that salvation and success was achieved through crucifixion. The teachings of he who they believe to be the son of God, are not in line with what present day churches preach, the illogicality and inconsistency of their faith is obvious.

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