Chapter Four
I`saís (Jesusí) Name .

The name of Jesus in Islamic literature has taken the form I`sa (Jesus) u. The Quran mentions Jesus using the name I`sa (Jesus) u twenty five times.

Jesus has also been given an appellation and has been reffered to as Masih, eleven times in various verses of the Quran and also in several Hadiths.

Jesus has also been given the attribute of being His Word (Kalimah).

Another quality attributed to Jesus is RUH,which upholds many meanings, aswell as the meaning of Ďspirití.

Alltogether, Jesus has been given two names, Iísa and Masih and two main attributes of Ruh (Spirit) and Kalimah (Word).

In most of these eleven verses, Jesusí name Masih has been connected with either his name Iísa (Jesus) u or his patronymic name of Ibni-Maryam (Son of Mary). The name Masih on its own has only been referred to in three verses. The reason for the name Masih being coupled with Jesusí other names is that Masih is also used to address Dajjal, who is also known as Al-Masih Ad-Dajjal. Although the meaning of the word Masih is different when applied to Dajjal, but, due to the similarity of both words in speech and wording, the need to distinguish the difference has been called for. This has been achieved by attaching his other attributes and names to Jesusí appellation, in order to clarify the distinction, e.g. Imam Muslim(361) in his well known book Al jami` As-saheeh Lil Imam Muslim, has distinguished between Jesus and Dajjal by addressing them as Al-Masih Ibn Maryam (Mary) and Al-Masih Ad-Dajjal.

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