Jesus has been given two names and two titles. The Quran has mentioned the name Iísa in twenty five different verses in eleven different chapters. A number of Hadiths have also used this name when referring to Jesus.

A second name mentioned in Islamic literature is Masih. This name has been referred to in eleven verses of five different chapters and also in various sources of Hadiths.

The two titles attributed to Jesus are Kalimah and Ruh. As both titles hold many meanings this has led to scholars assigning numerous interpretations to these attributes.

The filial appellation of Jesus is Ibn-Maryam (Son of Maryam), and it is interesting to discover that only Prophet I`sa u has been addressed in the Quran and the Hadiths by his filial appellation, for many reasons, such as:

  1. Further conformity of him being the son of Maryam and not the son of God, as claimed by the Christians.

  2. The Masih referred to is the son of Mary, so if anyone claims to be the Masih, he can be judged by his parental relationship, as to who he is, and the Masih prophesized to descend is the same I`sa who was the son of Maryam and was sent to the people of Israel (Banu Israel), and not his likeness or similar to him, as claimed by Mirza.

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