Divinity of Jesus.

The widespread belief of Christians is that Jesus is the Son of God. This belief forms a large part of their faith, but it has been proven, not only in the Quran, but also from the Christian Gospels themselves, that during his time on Earth, Jesus has never ever professed to be a Son of God. The Christians go a step further and place the attribute of divinity upon him, the role of being God or part of the trinity doctrine which is also a major belief (although never satisfactorily explained) in the Christian religion.

Concept of Trinity.

Christianity of today, upholds that God is three in one or one in three. The three consist of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The portrayal that these three together make God, is a very unstable belief. It has been called the most "mysterious mystery" or "the mystery of mysteries".

Note that it is the Christians of today who uphold the belief of trinity. This is worthy of explanation and is also one of the factors which make the whole concept of trinity to be unfeasible.

Birth-place of Trinity.

In order to understand the time and nature of the introduction of trinity, into Christianity, we need to recall the Council of Nicaea (known as Majma` Niciya in Arabic sources) in 325 CE In 325, the Roman emperor Constantine I (Constantine the Great) summoned a council representing the Christian world, to the town of Nicaea (now Iznik). The first council of Nicaea, opened by the emperor on the 20th May 325 was attended by only two hundred and twenty five delegates.. It was during this assembly of almost exclusively Eastern Churchmen, that it was decided for Contantine to adopt the Nicene Creed, which until now determined the split between Christians on one hand and Jews & Muslims on the other.

Without any previous discussion or proper preparation, the ecclesiastical dignitaries and their religious personalities, adopted a formula, presented by the Pagan emperor as follows:-

"Jesus Christ as the Son of God, was truly God himself, not created, but engendered by God Father and consubstantial with him."

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