A Human God?

The definition of con-substantial which is something made out of the same substance, indicates that the Christians believe Jesus to be made from the same essence and material as God. We all know that Jesus was a man, a human in both appearance, manner, birth and deportment, thus the claim that he is con-substantial with God, is tantamount to saying that God himself is con-substantial to Jesus, in other words God possesses the attributes of man.

This is totally unacceptable in a deity as man has excessive faults, defects and weaknesses which if conferred upon God would engender Him to be imperfect. One of the major attributes of God is His Perfection (Ka`amal), the view of con-substantiality negates this, and all the other qualities of God unattainable by man, by associating the essence of God with the blemished essence of man. This places the whole concept of God being the Unique Creator of all creation on an unstable level.

Following the adoption of the concept of trinity during the council of Nicaea, the immediate results were quite tragic, as at that time, the majority of Christians, had all maintained that Jesus was not a part of God, but merely a human chosen by God - in other words a prophet. They were now considered and persecuted as disbelievers of an accepted doctrine.

It is now clear that the concepts of trinity and Jesus as the Son of God were introduced quite a while after Jesus came and went. Much time and effort has been spent by both the Catholic & Protestant theologians to attempt to understand and explain reasonably the principles of trinity and the incarnation of God in Jesus, but not much success has been achieved, so they attributed the doctrines with the title of mysteria - unfathomable.

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