Explanation of the Hadith

This Hadith expounds the justice of Jesus after his descent. Imam Nawawi(d.676/1254) has explained his ruling to be according to the laws of Islam and the teachings of prophet Muhammad  . He will abolish Jizya, as it is a kind of Taxation given by the non-Muslims in lieu of safety and security. Hafiz Ibn Hajar (d.852/1430)has explained the reason behind this as follows: only Islam will be the acceptable religion at the time and thus those who do not profess the faith will not have the option of paying Jizya.

The Prophet e testified with an oath that: (i) Name of the coming Masih shall be I`sa : But Mirza’s name was not I`sa. It was Ghulam Ahmad. The difference between I`sa and Ghulam Ahmad is apparently obvious, their is certainly no connection between the two. (ii) Name of Masih’s mother is Maryam Siddiqa, but the name of Mirza’s mother was Chiragh Bibi.

(iii) Masihu shall descend from the sky:

But Mirza did not descend from the sky.

The Prophet  also pronounced an oath that Masih will come in the capacity of a ruler who is just and will perform rulership duties and would be a sovereign over the entire nation of Islam.

On the other hand, we find Mirza begged to remain the most obedient servant of Queen Victoria of England. For generations Mirza was a faithful subject of the British Indian rulers and felt honored when his ancestors were given a chair to sit on in the British council of Delhi. He took pride to be in the servitude and enslavement of British rulers in India, and today of the British Queen. Worst of all is that he was a spy against the Muslims and his countrymen.

More so, Mirza was never a ruler of any description. Far from it, he did not exercise any authority over any village of India . He served as a Munshi in District Court, Sialkot. The truth, therefore, is that no mark of identification spelled out by the holy Prophet e fits on him and Mirza admits his low profile in his book, Izala-e-Awham when he writes on page 200 :

"It is possible, rather very much possible, that such Masih will come in some era on whom the apparent words of the Hadiths of the Prophet  will fall true because this humble self has not come down with sovereignty or rulership of the world". Thus Mirza cannot be deemed Masih because he does not suit the holy Prophet’s  edict and proclamation.

Imam Bukhari(d.256/834) and Imam Muslim(d.261/839) have recorded, upon the authority of Abu Hurayrah, that the prophet Muhammad  said,

"By He in Who’s hands my soul rests, Jesus, the Son of Maryam (Mary), is to descend amongst you as a just ruler. He will break the cross, kill the pig, abolish Jizya and wealth will increase to such an extent that one prostration will be more valuable than the whole world and all that it contains." All these Hadiths also refer to the eschatological role of Jesus, and they expound on the brief account of his eschatological role given in the Quran.

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