Jesus the Truthful One

His truthfulness, justice and humbleness has been demonstrated in his model conduct of living, His peace able disposition and gentleness had a great effect on people in spreading peace, harmony, and blessing throughout the community. His aim was the well being of the people.

Imam Bukhari(d.256/834), and Imam Muslim(d.261/839) have recorded the messenger of Allah as being :

"Jesus, son of Maryam (Mary), saw a person committing theft, thereupon Jesus said to him, "You committed theft." He said, "Nay, by him besides whom there is no God (I have not committed theft)." Thereupon Jesus said, "I affirm my faith in Allah. It is my own self that deceived me." This Hadith emphasises the truthful character of Jesus and his humbleness by taking the blame upon him self and seeing himself in error, due to the possibility that his eyes might have deceived him. His words are highly meaningful and they have an implied reference to the fact that Jesus was a human being, though an eminent prophet and he was fully conscious of his being a member of the human race and on the basis of this awareness of his own self, he could not consider himself to be infallible. As a human being he could err and this he frankly admitted. The concluding words of Jesus, meaningfully speak of the limitations of human knowledge based upon senses and pure intellect. Jesus observed a person committing theft, but there is every likelihood that his sense might have deceived some erroneous impressions.

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