Old and New Testaments:

The Old Testament says that God is one and has no son. But the New Testament gives God a son and Christianity makes God three in one. Further, the Old Testament does not admit the Day of Judgment or the other life, whereas the New Testament admits them both.

Although the two testaments are in one book, i.e., the Bible, they amazingly disagree on major principles of belief, i.e., God and resurrection. How is this possible? Two revealed books, as it is claimed, disagree whether God is one or three in one, whether He has a son or not, whether there is resurrection or not, whether there is a day of judgement or not, and whether there is another life or not. Had these two testaments been truly Godís word, they would have not disagreed on those basic beliefs.

In contrast, the book of Islam, i.e. the Quran, is very clear and perfectly consistent. God is one. He has no son or father. There will be resurrection. There will be a day of judgement. There will be another life.

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