Mirzas Claim of Receiving Revelation(wahi)

Mirza Declared his so-called Wahi (revelation) as absolute as the Torah, Gospel and the Holy Quran.

  1. "And I place my belief in the Ayaat (verses) of Quran Shareef, the same way, without a jot of difference, I believe in that clear, and apparent Wahi (revelation) of God which came to me; whose truth has been unravelled to me through His continous tokens. And I can swear this standing in Baitullah (holy Ka`bah in Makkah) that the holy revelation which descends upon me is the word of the same God Who sent down His Word on Hazrat Moosa (Moses), Hazrat I`sa (Jesus) and Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa."
  2. (Eyk Ghalati ka Izla, p.8)
  3. "This Divine conversation which is held with me is certain. If I doubt it for a moment I become an infidel and my hereafter be destroyed. The word which descended on me is certain and absolute. As a person cannot doubt the sun and its light, having seen the sun and the sunlight, the same way I cannot place doubt in that word which descends upon me from Allah and I have the same faith in it as in Godís Book. It is possible that up to a certain time, mistakes may be committed by me in interpreting Godís word at certain places but it is not possible that I doubt (that) is not Godís word"
  4. (Tajjaliat-e-Ilahi, p.20, Rabwah)
  5. "How can I repudiate the continuous Wahi of God (being revealed) for twenty-three years. I have faith in this holy Wahi of His as in all the Wahis of God having been revealed prior to me."
(Haqiqat ul Wahi, P.150).
 Any person of reasonable sense would conclude from Mirzas disgusting

code of conversation and abusive discourse that he was inspired by the Satan rather than God and his statements are a part of the Devilís ploy in leading people astray.

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