Jesusí Miraculous Speech as a Newborn Child.

The Quran has related this miracle of Jesus, to its readers in a highly eloquent and attractive manner, saying :

"So she (Maryam (Mary) pointed to the child. They said, "How can we talk to one who is a child in the cradle?" He (Jesus) said, "I am indeed a servant of Allah, He has gifted me with the book and made me a prophet and made me blessed where ever I may be and He has enjoinedupon me prayers and charity as long as I live, and made me kind to my mother and not overbearing and miserable." 19/29-32 Imam Qurtubi has stated, "Very soon after his birth, Jesus spoke words of wisdom to the people and forced them to accept him as a sign of the power of God. Jesus, through his talk in infancy, freed his mother from all blasphemies and allegations."

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