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AABIDAH(Allah's mercy be upon her)

AAISHAH(Allah's mercy be upon her)

AMRAH(Allah's mercy be upon her)

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AABIDAH(Allah's mercy be upon her)

Aabidah(Allah's mercy be upon her) is the name of a black slave who lived in Madinah Munawwarah.The status of her knowledge was such that she had memorized 10' 000 Ahadith. Her abilities were well known throughout Spain. She narrated many Ahadith from scholars of Madina. Habib Ibn Waleed (may Allah be pleased with him) Maradaani brought her from Madina to Spain, where they had a son named Bishr.

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AAISHAH:(Allah's mercy be upon her)

 Aaishah(Allah's mercy be upon her) was the respected wife of the grandson of Hazrat Hussain (may Allah be pleased with him), Hasan (may Allah be pleased with him) Ibn-Ali (may Allah be pleased with him). Her father was called Talha. Allah Ta'aalaa had bestowed upon her immense knowledge and great dignity. She was well acquainted with issues of Islamic Law.

Once Hazrat Hasan (may Allah be pleased with him), Her husband, said to her angrily, “The discretion of divorce is in your hands."

Aaishah(Allah's mercy be upon her) replid, “For twenty years my affairs (for you to give divorce) were in your hands and you regarded them well, now as my affairs (of accepting the divorce) are in my hands for one moment I will not misuse them.

Therfore, again, I will hand back my affairs to you (indicating in this case that she did not accept the divorce)." Hazrat Hasan (may Allah be pleased with him) was delighted- by this answer and refrained from divorcing her.

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AMRAH:(Allah's mercy be upon her)

Amrah(Allah's mercy be upon her) was the daughter of Abdur Rahmaan Ibn sa'ad Ibn Zaraarah (may Allah be pleased with him) She was a great accomplished scholar. She was not amongst those who had seen the blessed Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, however, she was fortunate enough to be in the care of Hazrat Aaishah (Allah's mercy be upon her). Due to her upbringing she reached such a great status. She was a great scholar of the knowledge of hadith. Numerous Taabi'een,  those who were honoured with the blessed sight of the sahaba (may Allah be pleased with him) have narrated ahadith from her . She departed from this world in 103 A.H at the age of 77.
                                                    (Mashaaheere Niswaan)

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1.AHADITH. - A saying or an action of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) or a action of a
    Sahabi to which the Prophet remained silent there by implying his consent.

2.TAABI'EEN. - The disciples of the companions of Rasulullah (peace and blessings be upon him).

3.(A.H). - After the Hijrah (Emigration of the Prophet Muhammed (peace and blessings be upon him).


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