The rights and wrongs of contemporary Muslim weddings

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Mixing of both sexes at weddings
Music, Dancing and unlawful entertainment

A wedding these days is a thing that everybody looks up at as an important period of time in which they can make a change in their lives and become independent. This is amongst the primary objectives behind many people’s marriage. It is a fact that a person becomes independent to an extent after marriage, but the sunnah and teachings of the messenger of Allah s.w should be considered.

Our society has become such that people begin to prepare for weddings months, and in some cases a year or so, before hand. Some of these people think that this type of wedding is according to the method and sunnah of the Holy Prophet s.w, but in reality it is completely contradictory to the teachings of Islam. This outlines the ignorance some people dwell in. May Allah grant us all the true understanding of the Deen. Ameen.

I would like to pinpoint some of the downfalls that we indulge in, thinking of them to be harmless, whereas, they are extremely harmful in shari’ah.


1- Mixing of both sexes at weddings.

 This may seem harmless, but it isn’t. Such mixing is against the teachings of Islam. The Prophet Muhammad s.w states in a Hadith:

“A man and women do not stay in privacy together, but shaitaan is the third amongst them.”

From this Hadith we find out that it is totally and definitely out of bounds for us to mix and intermingle with the opposite sex. Shaitaan uses his trickery not only in privacy but also when the two meet in public.

In terms of weddings, mixing goes on at the time of eating, which involves open conversations with each other. All this is done in adherence to traditions. But I ask, are these traditions Islamic? I hear you saying no. So they are un-Islamic, why follow them?


2-Music, Dancing and Entertainment.

It is correct to state that the average Muslim acknowledges and recognises the prohibition of music. But come wedding time, some people, turning a blind eye to Islamic teachings, become ‘party-mad’. The Prophet Muhammad s.w has stated:

“Music grows hypocrisy in the heart just as water grows crops (in the field).”

Therefore, music is disallowed in Islam, be it a wedding or not. People go to such an extent that they hire bands to play music during weddings, and they dance to the music pretending that nothing is wrong.



This practise is very widespread. It goes on at home before the wedding, at the hall, and even outside. It is haraam to take photographs of living beings. A well-known story is related here:

The wahi (divine revelation) stopped for a period of time. After some time Hadhrat Jibreel a.s came to the Prophet s.w. The Prophet s.w asked him the reason for such a long gap between two visits. Hadhrat Jibreel a.s answered, which included that the angels do not enter homes containing pictures.

In a Hadith the Prophet s.w mentions:

“The Angels do not enter a house wherein there is a picture or a dog.”

Our elders have given a brilliant parable for weddings. It should be known that marrying (nikah) is an act of worship, just as salaah is an act of worship. When a person offers two rakaah nafl salaah he does not even dream of inviting hundreds of people, because doing such a thing is useless and stupidity; so why should there be such a fuss at weddings when an act of worship is taking place?

May Allah Almighty grant us the ability to act upon the teachings of shari’ah in the correct manner. Ameen.


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