How did it come to this? What has happened to the world when one brother turns his back on another? When a man turns his weapons on his brother and attacks him?

Is a man's own blood no longer dear to him? Blood is thicker then water, it has often been said. Imaan is thicker than blood. Brothers in faith should be as close as brothers of the same blood-if not closer.

So why is it that Muslims fight amongst themselves, turn against each other for trivial matters? They fight because of greed. They fight because of jealousy. They fight because of lust or hate. Whichever one of these reasons it is, it is the wrong reason. Lust, greed, jealousy, hate - this is not what the Prophet May Allah's peace and blessings be upon him taught us fourteen hundred years ago. This is not the way of Islam. It is the path of doom and suffering. The path that will ultimately lead to our demise.

The Ummah should be like a complete body. Should the body be hurt in its right arm, the whole body feels the pain. Should it be hurt in its eye, the rest of the body should feel the effect.

So why is it that when African Muslims go hungry, the Ummah does not feel the need to feed them? For if one's stomach needs food, does he not need to feed it.

Does nobody care? Does it matter to you? Are you not saddened?

I ask you now, are there any true Muslims left amongst us? I sincerely hope so. The days have gone down for our Ummah, and they have fallen into the darkest of shadows. If something is not done soon, the brotherhood and comradeship shown so clearly to us by the companions of the Prophet May Allah's peace and blessings be upon him shall be scattered like dust in the winds of time.

If the hunger, homelessness, poverty, suffering and genocide in the world; in whichever hemisphere, are tests from the Almighty Allah, then we are failing them.

This is why we must send aid where we can to our brothers and sisters in need. Be it in the form of clothes, water, blankets, bandages, money, medicine, etc. Contact reputable aid agencies today and bring a smile to those who are homeless, destitute, orphans, widowed, disabled, etc. Many reputable Islamic relief agencies offer humanitarian aid to all fellow humans around the world; please contact them to alleviate suffering.

Pray that our efforts are not wasted and give freely to the needy, ‘love thy brother' and take heart, my brothers and sisters take heart. For Allah is the Most Generous and the Most Merciful, and He is the answer to all our prayers.

I hope for the sake of brothers around the world whom I will never know nor ever meet, that you have learnt something from what I have said.

May Allah Taa'la grant us the wisdom and ability to act upon what has been said, Ameen.

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