Refrain From Sins

We used to say Ramadhan is coming it's coming but now it's gone. Then we'll say I'm 30-35 then we'll say I have this illness that illness. This is life!!

Those who feel they have no connection with Allah and no connection with deen and his Prophet may Allah's peace an dblessings be upon hin, let me tell you. You are wrong. If you feel that way I swear you would not be reading this article right now. If you feel you are not a practicing Muslim and don't deserve to be called a Muslim then you are wrong. Because Allah only chooses those people whom he wishes and makes them understand deen so that means you are the chosen ones.

We need to wake up from the ignorance, the sleep of Gaflat and realism.Why has Allah given us life “” …. Allah in this small verse of 14 th Juz explains that Worship your Lord until death comes, from Cradle to the six-foot grave.

We might feel we have time ahead that I am only 19-20, but think for a moment some of those who were with us 5-6 years ago our same age, are they here today they all had a life in front of them they too had plans and desires like you and I but the order of Allah came and they had to go. Those who have gone from here I swear by Allah that if they had the ability to speak they would have only one message for us that would be don't chill out refrain from sins and worship the Almighty Allah.

The Prophet may Allah's peace an dblessings be upon hin did not focus his life only on the elders or only on men and women but he gave a lot of his time to prepare the youngsters because he knew that they have a future ahead of them. If they accepted the deen and carry the orders of Allah then they will be the ones who can spread Islam very far and wide and be successful.

Prophet may Allah's peace an dblessings be upon hin said on the Day of Qiyamat when everyone will be drowning in their own sweat because of their sins, on this day there will only one shade only seven types of people will be able to enter this shade from these seven one will be who spends his youth in worshipping Allah and refrains from sins.

Nowadays we don't understand the meaning of worship. We tend to wear an Imamah etc to be a worshipper. That person who has reached this status, this is his Iman becoming stronger and stronger. The greatest worship for you and I is to refrain from sin and you will be the greatest worshipper, refrain from sins let it be Minor or Major that youngster who does this and worships Allah at that time when his desires want to burst out but controls himself this type of youngster will be in the Shade of Allah. May Allah accept us for his deen and accept us in his Shade. Ameen

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