Pride And Arrogance.

The Disgrace of Pride
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It is mentioned in the ayaah of the Quraan that, ‘’Allah does not lovethe arrogant people. ‘’And in the hadith it is also narrated that the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) , ‘’Whosoever has a  small amount of pride in his heart will not enter paradise.

Whether one likes it or not, the truth is that every human being excluding the Prophets alaihimus salaam has pride in their heart, may it be a large amount or a small amount.

Even though this is an attribute which specifically refers only to Allah, and the attributes which are particular with mankind are those that one has forgotten such as; humility, humbleness, modesty and submissioness.

For this reason it is important that every human considers himself the sufferer of this disease called pride before he commences in his purification and cure.

Especially those people who are fulfilling the visible commands of Islam with punctuality trying to gain faith, truth, kindness and wisdom to the highest degree, just for the pleasure of Allah, and who wish to create some weight and spirit in their actions.

These loved ones should always keep in mind the fact that Allah's council chamber is of the utmost cleanliness and is pure from every fault, therefore the path leading to his meeting will be highlypure and clean, and he who is full of dirt of sins is not fit for Allah 's chamber.

Maulana Rashid Ahmed Gangohi rahmatullahi alaihi states that in the old days the saints tried to get rid of their bad habits so that reaching Allah became easy, but the present days saints, especially the saints of our chain, have adopted the increasing of zikr (remembrance of Allah) to such an extent that the bad habits become
conquered beneath the effects of zikr, and the zikr remains the conqueror.

Bad habits are plentiful, but the scholars have shortened them down to ten, and the extract of ten is pride. If this goes away then the rest go away themselves.

May Allah save this lowest of the low form from this killer disease because he is trapped in this disease more than his respectedbrothers. The first reason for writing these words is for thecorrection of one's own self, then we pray to Allah that from his own divine power and from his ample mercy he makes these words highly profitable for others.

Hazrat sheikh ul Hadith states in his book ''Shariat and tariqat'' (The religious law and the customs) that not only in my view, but in the commandments of the Qur'aan and hadith pride is the harshest disease of all, and in the customs it is killer.

Imaam Ghazaali rahmatullahi alaihehas written a separate chapter about pride with utmost urgency. He writes, "Pride and conceit is one of the diseases of the heart and it is such  a critical disease that its cure is very difficult. Pride literally means that one feels great and superior, along with this he looks down upon others in a
despicable and contemptuous manner.

When this bad habit penetrates into the heart properly, then it effects are expressed by the tongue-that he starts to remark- I am like that and he creates a firm background of his praises and compliments. He also wishes the others praise and eulogise him - the same way when iblees proclaimed, ''I am better than Adam (alaihis salaam).''

The second effect is that wherever he goes, he remains in search of honour and high position and he walks ahead of everyone wherever he is.

If anyone advises him or directs him towards stopping his bad habits in a correct way, he feels ashamed and disgraced in accepting his counsel. But if he advises or admonishes anyone, he does it in a harsh and cruel manner.

If he positively has this belief that he is greater than others, then he will be termed as a mutakabbir(arrogant).Rather on the contrary, he should have the belief that the righteous person is the one who is superior in the eyes of Allah ta'ala and this matter will be truly manifested in the hereafter. Instead of regarding himself as superior, he should regard everyone else superior to himself. If he sees and
immature child then he should think this child has never committed a sin, and I am a sinner- verily he is better than I .If he confronts an elder, he should think that he has worshipped Allah ta'ala more than I, therefore I am no match for him. If he meets an Aalim(scholar) he should think in this manner that he possesses, verily he is superior to me. If he looks upon an ignorant person, he should imagine that he has disobeyed Allah on the basis of ignorance and unawareness while I am committing sins knowingly and consciously, so therefore Allah has more proof to
put me under punishment. Even if the person is a disbeliever you should consider him greater than yourself because you do know what his state will be at the time of death.
Numerous Muslims used to look down despicably at Hazrat Umar  before he embraced islam. These people were unaware and ignorant concerning his fate and the high rank and status which he was to be elevated to.

This pride and conceit will not be eliminated from the heart until you do not realise and believe that every individuals position and status is based and according to his final hour, and this is a matter of the unseen. It might well be that the person who we regard as pious, his death is a tragedy, while one who we regard as evil, his final moment is so good and he reaches the state of piety. So if a person perpetually
has this thought burdened on his mind - he will never have these bad habits.

May Allah save all of us from this very dangerous disease which is so



1. Allah- The only one God.

2. Qur'aan - The holy book of Allah.

3. Hadith - The sayings of Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W.)

5. Alaihimus salaam - Peace be upon them.(Meaning the Prophets)

6. Rahmatulahi alaihi - Allah's mercy be upon them.

7. Zikr - Remembrance of Allah.

8. Sheikh ul hadith - Religious Divine of saying of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him)

9. Shariat and Tariqat - The Religious Law and the Customs.

10. Imaam - Leader.

11. Iblees - Satan.

12. Mutakabbir - person who has got pride.

13. Aalim - Religious scholar.

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