Lies and the Liar who told them!

Before the British Empire left India in 1874, there was a local collaborator by the name of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, who would cause friction within the Muslim Ummah. When the British were made to leave India, a new problem remained that would cause Muslims to be deceived and result in them leaving the faith of Islam. All knew if the Muslim Ummah were to be one, they would easily focus on propogating Islam for the world to benefit. Mirza Gulam Ahmad preached a new false relegion and tried to lure people by mischievously calling it Islam when in fact it was not and is not Islam. Mirza's false religion is self named The Ahmadiyya Movement and referrred to as Ahmadism/Qadianism by the whole of the Muslim Ummah who declare Ahmedis as non-muslims. In fact the Jewish and Christian religions have more in common with Islam in belief than Qadianism.  

The Qadianis have caused an incredible amount of fitnah amongst the Muslims and they have lead many people astray.

The open and direct method of examining Qadianism consists of four fundamental principles:

Firstly, it is essential for a Prophet to respect and to hold in high esteem all the Prophets before him.  However, we find that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad twisted the meaning of the Quranic Ayat, ‘Ismuhu Ahmad’ to his favour, claiming himself to be a Prophet.  Now if he was a true Prophet, as he claimed to be, then he would not insult any Prophet, but he insulted Prophet Eesa peace be upon him (Jesus, peace be upon him) and comitted blasphemy.  He levels three charges against Eesa alaihis salaam:

1. He used to drink

2. He had perfume applied to his hair by two men of ill-repute and obtained by them through their unclean income.

3. Unrelated young women served him.

Whoever has an iota of faith in his heart will never make these horrendous allegations. Such a person cannot be called a believer.  A question arises that why did Mirza Ghulam Ahmad write such things about Eesa peace be upon him.  The answer to this is that one of the signs of Qiyamat will be that Hadhrat Eesa peace be upon himwill descend to the earth, and he will kill the Dajjal (Anti-Christ) and as Mirza was claiming to be the promised Messiah then it was important that he attempted to make his character more noble than that of Eesa peace be upon him, so to bring the dignity of Eesa peace be upon him down and to increase his following he made these allegations.

Secondly, it is impossible for a genuine Prophet of Allah to tell a lie in support of his Prophethood.  Mirza writes in Arbaen No.3 Pg, ‘Maulana Ghulam Dastgir Kasuri in his book and Mualvi Ismael of Aligarh made a positive declaration about me that if I am an imposter (or a liar) I will die before them and I will surely die before them because I am an imposter.  But after they had published these books they themselves died in a short space of time.’  What Mirza said in the above passage is totally untrue, because the aforementioned Moulvis had no books produced.

Thirdly, Mirza made a number of prophecies.  He said about these prophecies that if each one did not come out to be true then he was a liar.  However, most of them proved to be false.  It was a great favour of Allah Ta’ala that they did not materialise.  From the Quran we know that after the Holy Prophet Peace and Blessings be upon him there will be no more prophets, so Mirza’s claim would not have made any difference.  But thanks to Allah, he proved all his major prophecies wrong.

One of his prophecies was the death of a Christian, Abdullah Atham.  He fixed a date of ten months from 5th June 1893 to 5th September 1894.  Abdullah was then 70 years old, he was an old weak man who was about to die, but Allah wanted to reveal Mirza’s falsehood and he went on to live for another twenty years.

Another prophecy was his proposed marriage to Mohammadi Begum.  Her father did not like Mirza’s desire to marry his daughter, but instead wanted her to get married to a certain Sultan Muhammed.  So Mirza prophecised that if Mohammadi Begum was married to Sultan, then Sultan would die between 2 and 2 ½ years, and the girls father within three years of the marriage and Mohammadi Begum, having thus becoming a widow, would will marry him.  By Allah’s grace none of these prophecies took place.

Fourthly, a Prophet can never be a spy of a government.  But Mirza Ghulam Ahmad proudly declares in a book that ‘the favours of the British Government have been upon my family since the days of my father, Mirza Ghulam Murtaza.’

The conclusion of these passages is that even if the chain of Prophethood had not finished Mirza Ghulam Ahmed could not have ben called a Prophet, looking at the four points, which have been mentioned.

May Allah keep us all safe from evil and always keep us on the correct path! Ameen.

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