To Get Rid of Snakes
Haji Anees Ahmad sahib who had just resided in Madinah Munawwarah, complained to Hazrat regarding frequent appearances of snakes and scorpions in their new house. Hazrat, in between the famous Huroofe Suryani and Durood Shareef, wrote a part of a Qur’aanic Aayah:
“O’ people of Yathrib! Return as there is no abode for you!”
A few days later Haji sahib said, “Since I put the taweez in the house no snake has appeared.”
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An Experienced Way of Warding off Jinn or Jadu (Magic)
This amal (practise) is known as the amal of Aayatul Kursi. After fajr salaah, maghrib salaah and before retiring to bed, read thrice Surah Fatihah including Bismillah, Aayatul Kursi, Surah Falaq (chapter 113) and Surah Naas (chapter 114). Read any Durood Shareef thrice in the beginning as well as at the end. If the affected one recites himself it is better, otherwise someone else should recite and blow in such a manner that some part of his lips touch the affected person. Also keep a bottle of water and whatever you read blow in the water at the end and make the affected one drink from that water each morning before doing anything else. When the bottle is halved, fill it up with fresh water. And if some signs of affect are seen within the house, then a portion of that water should be sprinkled in the four corners of the house in such a manner that the water does not fall on the floor.
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For Protection from Enemies
If fear of an enemy overcomes you, make a habit of reciting Surah Falaq (chapter 113) 7 times after each salaah with Durood Shareef 7 times before and after.
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The Effect of Water which was Blown on by Hazrat
A lady who came to visit Saharanpur from Bombay requested Hazrat to blow on some water for her husband who was a drinker. Hazrat blew over it for her. After some time she wrote a letter saying, “When my husband asked for a glass of water, I gave him the water which you had blown on. He drank the water and then asked, ‘Where did you get this water from?’ I was afraid to tell him the truth so I kept quiet. He said, ‘I am asking because of its delicious taste.’ I felt some courage and disclosed the truth. He said, ‘From today I shall stop drinking. Just keep giving me this water.’ By the grace of Allah our home is now a peaceful enjoyable house.”
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To Get Relief from Effects of Evil Sight
The hadith says: “Evil sight is true.” i.e. It has effect. For the relief recite mu’awwazatayn (Surah Falaq/Surah Naas {chapters 113/114}) thrice and blow on the afflicted one.
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Some Other Taweezaat
1. It has been said that one who recites Surah Feel 21 times after the Zuhr prayer, he will receive wealth from the unknown.
2. If a woman keeps on having miscarriages, Surah Ikhlaas should be recited 11 times then blown on a glass of water and she should be made to drink it.
3. One who reads Surah Yaseen before going to sleep he will not ejaculate during his sleep.
4. To have a strong memory the following should be recited as much as possible on the specified days mentioned.
Saturday (Surah Taha: 114), Sunday (Surah Taha: 116), Monday (Surah A’laa:  7), Tuesday (Surah A’laa: 6), Wednesday (Surah Qiyamah: 16), Thursday (Surah Qiyamah: 17), Friday (Surah Qiyamah: 18)
5.When wanting a particular necessity to be fulfilled, two raka’ahs salaah should be offered and in each raka’ah Surah Fatihah is to be read seven times.
6. When having to meet a high ranked person who is in charge, for instance a judge etc. Surah Fatihah should be read 19 times and then blown on one’s self. Insha Allah his strictness towards you shall disappear.
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